The week in figures: May 17, 2013

A bunch more photo sets today, as well as some news. I’m kind of doing this in a hurry. You know me, always wheelin’ and dealin’.

Max Factory’s Dark Elf is up for pre-order, and comes in two color schemes

Image source

Lineage II features some truly gorgeous character designs (as do all NCSOFT MMOs), and I’ve had my eye on this Dark Elf for a while. Orchid Seed was planning on making one to complement their regular Elf, but that one has disappeared down a well. Thankfully Max Factory has picked up this license. They’re already releasing a regular Elf (which I have on order), and now two versions of this Dark Elf are up for pre-order. I think its appeal is obvious.

Otacute is shutting down for good

I don’t think I’ve ever ordered from them, but they seem to have a pretty large base of customers. Nowadays I mostly stick to Amiami and Big In Japan as they tend to have the best prices.

The Tekken Bishoujo Lili has great legs

Tekken Bishoujo Lili

Writing for Tomopop has its perks, such as being able to receive review samples from Kotobukiya. They sent me the Tekken Bishoujo Lili, which I reviewed not long ago. Click over to Tomopop for the full photo set if you want, but I just thought you’d appreciate a nice leg/butt shot here in a larger size (and without watermarks).

My weekly plug of Kixkillradio: Racing Miku 2013 photo set, and an alarmingly adorable Mother’s Day photo set

I’ve really been enjoying Sheng’s photos. Unlike most figure bloggers (like me looool), she actually gets them up with some regularity. I don’t know what kind of sorcery she uses to make her Nendos extra cute. They’ve clearly exceeded the specified cuteness limits of factory Nendoroids.

exilehero at Otagamers posted a Shironeko photo set

Shirowhat? I guess Kuroneko has turned to the light side in OreImo season 2, dropping the gothic lolita look for something more casual. The main thing is that the prize figure exilehero has actually packs a pretty good amount of detail. It looks pretty comparable to Wave’s 1/10-scale figures in terms of production quality.

Pinkcheeks shot a really pretty set of Momohime photos

New plug! Pinkcheeks (aka Scher) posted about this in the Tomopop community blogs. I was really impressed by how gorram good Momohime looks out in the waning sunlight. Beyond the quality of the figure, Scher has a pretty good eye for composition and location scouting.

Bloodfrost at Nyaa! Figurines reviews Saber Lily Golden Caliburn

This is a fairly old figure but the review was just posted recently. And why shouldn’t we appreciate figures from a few years ago? Bloodfrost mentions that the review is based on a re-release, and this Saber Lily completed his Saber collection. The only thing I can think of: “feels good, man.” As for me, I like the Satoshi Toda Saber Lily by Gift. I’ve just never been a fan of the TYPE-MOON face, so the rendition by Toda appeals to me more.

That’s all I got for this week. I’m off to ACen tomorrow!