The week in figures: May 31, 2013

For my last post of May (18 posts this month! Is that a record?), I’ll be looking at quite a few announcements and releases. Of course I’ll also be highlighting some of the blogging community’s work. Hope you like adorable Cu-Poche photos, because you’re about to get a mouthful.

Pre-order quietly or there will be… trouble.

Hot Toys RoboCop

You know what’s awesome about the film RoboCop? Fucking everything, that’s what. It’s so awesome that some dude personally raised tens of thousands of dollars to build a statue of him in Detroit. Unfortunately, they’re remaking the Paul Verhoeven classic for 2014 with a RoboCop that looks like a dude in a suit. I mean, that’s what RoboCop is technically, but Peter Weller’s RoboCop looked much more robotic. And he didn’t ride motorcycles like some hotshot; he drove a patrol car like everyone else. Anyway, Hot Toys thankfully made a figure of the correct RoboCop (let’s ignore that weird lip pucker for now). And there’s an ED-209 to go along with him. Isn’t that thoughtful? That’s something I’ve complained about for ages with Evangelion figures. You gotta give them something to fight!

Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter

Good Smile Company Deep Sea Miku

Okay, those lyrics do NOT sound wholesome to me now that my mind is in the gutter. But Deep Sea Miku is fairly wholesome. I’ve been in love with this figure ever since I saw the unpainted prototype. It’s now out for pre-order. The price tag is hefty, but you pay for quality.

Good Smile Company reveals the sorceress from Dragon’s Nest… and you can’t have it

Good Smile Company Dragon's Nest Sorceress

Dragon’s Nest is an MMO, and while those types of games don’t usually appeal to me, their character designs often do. This announcement just kind of came out of the blue as far as I can tell, but give credit to GSC. It looks like a hell of a figure. I really like the color scheme and what they did with her face. Too bad I can’t get it. This one’s exclusive to China (I know, right?) for now, though Mamitan does say they’re trying to put this on sale for other countries too. Sounds like there are some licensing issue, but I’d really like to own this one.

Pinkcheeks: If you parley with Shiki, you’re gonna have a bad time

I just find this set funny. A great use of static figures. Psyduck, you are a letdown and a disappointment.

Otagamers: Mikoto and Imouto hit the… anomalous sand lot next to a forest, I guess

This is a wonderful set with good location scouting. But right now, all I can feel when looking at it is rage… at Accelerator. That murdering fuck.

Tomopop: Yami reviews Kotobukiya’s Cu-Poche Haruka Amami

Haruka is just adorable, and I like how expressive the figure can be with the face parts and articulation. Yami shot a nice set here, but you can see even more Cu-Poche goodness below!

Kixkillradio: Sheng transports you to the Cu-Poche dimension

I don’t understand how someone can be SO GOOD at making cute photographs. The best I can hope for is to make my photos interesting. But Sheng’s building sets, getting other figures involved, telling stories, aaarrrrgh. I will die by cuteness, and it’s an amazing but scary feeling. It looks like she receives review samples from Kotobukiya, so surely there’s more on the way. Must… not… die… yet… Make sure you look at both sets!

Well, I got nothing interesting going on this weekend, so I’ll just make some wild Game of Thrones predictions:

  • Arya and the Hound arrive at the wedding without incident. The trip is fairly undramatic.
  • Margaery calls Cersei out on her bitchiness in the last episode. A cat fight ensues and they end up tearing each other’s clothes off and making out.
  • Sansa finds that being married to Tyrion is actually pretty awesome, and one night after implying she’ll never have sex with him, they have sex. (And now his watch is ended.)
  • Jon Snow still knows nothing.
  • Daenerys and ridiculously photogenic guy make plans to attack Yunkai. Ser Barristan threatens to do something awesome, but stops himself just short.

Sounds about right…


  • Ahh GOT! Can't wait to watch the next episode! >_< That Deep Sea Miku is such a lovely figure.. she's definitely in my "wants" list. I am playing DragonNest and I'm disappointed that we can get these goodies only in China but one of the local store here is working to get me its Nendoroid Irene. *fingers crossed* ^^
    • After 2 weeks without GOT I'm in withdrawal. I'm SO ready for Sunday's episode. I hope you get Deep Sea Miku eventually. The figure's expensive but I think you'll be able to do great things with it!
  • I was so looking forward to sorceress from Dragon’s Nest since last Wonfes. Im looking forward to many figures, but this one was special. As I learned that I can't have her that easily my heart broke :( hopefully I can aquire her somedy
    • Yuuuuup I was disappointed too about the exclusivity. I really like the design but I guess I can't be throwing my money at every pretty face I see.