The week in review: Comic Con’s over and now everything sucks

Well, all good things must come to an end. And while the best word to describe four days (plus a bonus night for press) of Comic Con coverage is “grueling,” it takes a while to adjust to the pace of normal life afterward. The world did not just freeze while I was in San Diego, though. Happily, there are plenty of shout-outs to give and news to cover.

Serial Experiments Lain director Ryutaro Nakamura passed away at age 58

Serial Experiments Lain

Lain director Ryutaro Nakamura died of pancreatic cancer last month, but I guess the news was kept under wraps until just a couple of days ago. Lain was the only work of his that I’d seen all the way through, and it affected me in a very deep way. It was one of those seminal shows that really made me respect what the medium of anime could accomplish. Nakamura crafted a fascinating story about technology, identity, and the way the two interact. The ideas he explored about the Wired were years ahead of their time, and would prove prophetic with the sudden and dramatic spread of social networks and internet connectivity. If cyberpunk fiction is your thing, pour one out for Ryutaro Nakamura and check out Serial Experiments Lain if you haven’t already.

Good Smile Company is gearing up for Wonder Festival

Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman

From everything GSC’s Mamitan told me about WonFes, it sounds like a collector’s heaven. All the big Japanese companies attend, legions of garage kit makers show off their wares, and the whole event is relatively orderly compared to American conventions. Good Smile Company is gearing up to make a splash as usual, and Mikatan’s latest blog post contains… a little something something for the general public. You can see a Nendoroid Mikasa Ackerman (YES) among other teasers. I’ll be gearing up for hardcore WonFes coverage, so keep an eye on Tomopop for news.

Feel the power of love! Flonne and Etna Nendoroids are up for preorder!

Flonne and Etna Nendoroids

Oh my god it’s finally happening! I’ve been waiting for Etna and Flonne to hit Nendoroid form forever. Now all of the sudden, they’re up for preorder! I think only my friend Jerry can truly appreciate how much of a Disgaea fan I am. I placed my order for both without a second thought. It’s happening! It’s really happening!! I don’t know why it took this long – licensing issues, I guess? Takehito Harada’s art style is so perfect for Nendoroid figures, I wish all of his designs could get the same treatment. At the very least, I’d love to see a Laharl Nendoroid.

Want all the Comic Con toy and figure news? Check out Tomopop’s coverage.

I really want to tip my hat off to all my fellow Tomopop editors, who are worked tirelessly (some are still working tirelessly) to get the SDCC news out. A lot of it is western and designer stuff (stuff I don’t know anything about), but fans of Japanese figures will still find some items of interest. The most memorable booths for me were those of Sideshow Collectibles, Gentle Giant, and Quantum Mechanix. I am all about the sci-fi replicas!

Check out the cosplay of SDCC

I’ve also uploaded my own photos of the cosplay at SDCC. The proportion of cosplayers to people in street clothes was actually a lot lower than I thought. Maybe it’s because Comic Con is a more mainstream event. At ACen, people in street clothes actually seemed like the minority. Anyway, there was plenty of great cosplay to see (among other things). I also tried really hard not to just take photos of sexy women.

Giving the Figure Friday community a shoutout

Google+ has fully embraced photographers with all its photo sharing and management features, so naturally it’s home to an active community of figure photographers! The main event is Figure Friday, where members share photos all following a given theme. I try to contribute but am usually too lazy or otherwise occupied to come up with anything worthwhile. Showrunner wara zashi is always there trying to inspire, though, so take a look and hand out some +1’s!

Kixkillradio is exploring a summer theme

Sheng’s really going all out with the Nendoroids and the storytelling. Kirino denying Saber Lion an ice cream by buying out the last two cones… that’s… cold?? I’m here all night, folks.

Pinkcheeks shows Miku and Saber in a racing mood

Not only has Scher been on a roll with the MyFigureCollection pictures of the day, she’s been posting quality shots showing off her skill with Photoshop. I mostly don’t use Photoshop out of laziness, but like this latest photo set shows, the results can definitely be worth the effort.

Tentacle Armada review: Kotobukiya’s Cryska Barchenowa

Tier embraces the rubble in his latest review, and it suits Cryska well. The one nugget from his review I latched onto was his explanation of Soviet gun cliches. Maybe it’s because they were communists, but you really do only see like four or five different guns ever being used by Soviet characters (and the RPG-7 of course).

Now watching: Shinkegi no Kyojin episodes 14-15

Shingeki no Kyojin episode 15

After the lame 13.5 recap episode, Shingeki no Kyojin took a turn into courtroom drama territory with episode 14. It wasn’t a bad episode, but it wasn’t terribly exciting either. I was prepared for more of the same in episode 15 until Commander Hanji Zoe showed up. The episode revolves around her experiments with a couple of captured titans, and it exemplifies the show’s sense of humor. Hanji is just so weird and crazy that you can’t help but to laugh at her antics. “Eccentric” doesn’t begin to cover it – she has slumber parties with titans! The episode could have centered around Eren’s relationship with Levi, or had them planning their next operation, but I’m glad they took time to pontificate on just how titans work. And thanks to Hanji’s crackpot nature, it ended up being a very enjoyable episode.

Now watching: A Certain Scientific Railgun S episodes 14-15

Railgun S episode 15

Nothing this show or any related show does will ever make me sympathize with Accelerator. That’s why I’ve been loving these last few episodes. We know Mikoto is helpless against Accelerator’s power, but now Touma is joining the fight and I want to see him beat down that little white haired shit. The main thing that annoyed me about episode 15 was that it’s essentially a replay of the corresponding story arc in Index‘s first season. Rather than showing the perspective of the Railgun cast, they’re mostly just re-treading the same ground. You could do worse things with an anime than show Accelerator getting his shit kicked, I suppose. I also found it annoying how every one of Touma’s hits plays that stupid sound effect from Dragon Ball Z. Like a meaty thud followed by a whistle, with the whistle noise emphasizing that it was a hard hit. Yeah I don’t like that.

I’ll end on this Minion blimp for Sheng and Scher!

Minion blimp


  • Hahahha Minion flying like that in the air is an amazing sight. SDCC was a celebrity-packed event and I saw Jon Snow on your gallery (ho ho hot) and it's nice to see great cosplays around too. Great photo coverage! Ah Wonfes, damn GSC knows how to drain my bank account. Lol. I remember my new years resolution was "less nendoroid purchase for 2013" and when I reviewed my pre-order list -- nothing really changed from last year. Will definitely get that Mikasa nendoroid.... and that Saber Alter nendoroid! Oh god! >_<
    • I waited forever for the Game of Thrones panel but I couldn't get in!! At the end of the day all I got were some balcony photos of the cast T_T
  • A little late to catch the shout out, but consider it caught. Hopefully it's still interesting after 5 months :)
    • No worries. I love the work you've been doing, and regret that I haven't contributed each week. I'll try to make time for Figure Fridays!