The week in things: stuff and happenings

It’s Friday night so that means we get back to my favorite time of the week: shout-out time! I haven’t done the separate anime and figure posts in a while, although I did somehow manage to write both an anime review and a figure review in the same week. Strange things do happen. Read on to see the most exciting things and stuffs in my otaku world.

You like Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay? Yeah you do.


A gallery of this lovely lady was featured on reddit, showing her dressed both as Mikasa and as Eren. Of the two, her Mikasa look is more convincing because, well, she’s a girl. The outfit is quite authentic-looking, and the photography is legit.

Another great Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay


This Titan Eren cosplay is amazing because the cosplayer has the right build for it. Too often I see skinny guys trying to be the Hulk or fat guys trying to pass as Spock. This guy is muscular, but is also the right kind of muscular. Sometimes you overlook the kind of musculature; if he had a freakish weight-lifter body or a high body fat pro-wrestler type body, it wouldn’t have worked.

Evangelion underwear returns


There’s a new batch of Evangelion underwear, featuring new styles and artwork. The panties would actually be pretty sexy on a girl. And then she’d turn around and you’ll see Kaworu intently sniffing her butt. I don’t know if that makes it better or worse.

Kixkillradio quickie: Yotsuba strap mascot

When you know the right people, sometimes you get free stuff. Sheng seems to know the right people! I can confirm that getting free shit from figure makers and retailers is awesome.

NY Otaku photo set: night time photography

NY Otaku’s frasbob took his figures to a park at night to get some shots of figures with the Manhattan skyline. With the city lights turned into sweet bokeh, the results are quite pretty.

Otagamers review: Alter’s Jubei

Miette-chan acknowledges that this isn’t the newest figure at the moment, but I enjoyed his review nonetheless. Mostly I liked the mini Japanese garden set that he used. It’s kind of an obvious move, but it works so well because of that. It fits the figure very well. I have one or two period-themed figures that should look great with a similar set.

Pinkcheeks quickie: Minions at the beach

Beach shoots are always fun with figures, assuming your beach doesn’t look like one of Chicago’s beaches. I don’t generally like to do landscape or scenery shots on their own; photos are usually more interesting with a subject, so why not bring along some figures?

Tentacle Armada lighting guide: part 1, part 2

It’s finally happening! Tier is writing a guide on lighting, which helps me in my practice of “look at whoever’s good and copy them.” Part 1 gets you to understand the impact of lighting, and what equipment to start with. Part 2 gets into specifics, and features a great guide to using rim lights.

Tomopop review: Kotobukiya’s Evangelion 3.0 Asuka

Martin Siggers is relatively new to the Tomopop editorial staff but he’s pumping out quality reviews already. I really like this Asuka figure because I like most Asuka figures. This particular incarnation is nice thanks to the presence of the cat helmet and the very cool Eva-02′ base.

Now watching: A Certain Scientific Railgun episode 17


As expected, we get a light filler episode after the resolution of the Sisters arc. The Railgun cast returns, and we get a hilarious cameo by Frenda and Mugino. I want to re-emphasize that Mugino is voiced by Ami Koshimizu, who actually uses none of Holo in her performance. But I like to imagine there’s some connection between the two characters anyway. Mikoto visits Heaven Canceller (the frog-faced doctor) and learns that the Sisters must be sent away from Academy City in order to have life-prolonging medical procedures done. All’s well in the Railgun world, it would seem.

Now watching: Shingeki no Kyojin episode 17


The Survey Corps. goes out on the Great Ranging to secure Shiganshina and find out what’s in Eren’s basement. Hopefully they’ll have more success than the Night’s Watch at the Fist of the First Men. The first part of the episode was actually rather exhilarating, a quality I wouldn’t have ascribed to the series as of late. We see the scouting formation move out and tackle various wandering titans as they advance. We also get a moe Sasha moment, which I’ll treasure as they’re so rare these days. The second part, though, consists mostly of Armin Hammer just… not really doing anything. We see an intriguing new Titan, and end on a promising setup for a new story arc.

That’s it for this week. This weekend I’ll be looking forward to having something comfortable to sit on!