Wonder Festival 2013 Summer: a rundown of my favorite figures

Wonder Festival came and went over the weekend. It’s kinda insane that such a huge hobby event only happens for one day (although it does happen twice a year). On the one hand, you get all the news you want right in one giant news-splosion. On the other hand, you don’t really get to savor the new stuff over the course of a week or so. It would take a long, long time for me to post about everything I liked out of this WonFes (everything is what I liked), but I do want to go through the top figures that have me bouncing up and down.

Shingeki no Kyojin is making big waves

figma Mikasa and Eren
Photo via Mamitan’s Twitter.

It was only a matter of time before the Shingeki no Kyojin figure wave began, so it only makes sense to see the show in a big way at this WonFes. In addition to Mikasa and Eren figmas, Good Smile and Max Factory will be releasing a Colossal Titan figma, plus Nendoroid versions of all three. Several other manufacturers will be making scale figures as well: Sentinel is making Levi, and GSC will be making Mikasa. I think around 75% of figures these days are from shows that I’ve never seen, so it’s nice to actually know about a new anime that has spawned a figure line.

Dragon’s Crown ladies are on the way

Dragon's Crown Amazon
Photo via Tomopop

I like figures of beautiful women, all the better if they’re fantasy women. The women in Dragon’s Crown, though, are kind of exaggerated parodies of beautiful fantasy women. However, I’ll always be a fan of George Kamitani’s art style after Odin Sphere and Muramasa, so I’ll be lining up for Dragon’s Crown figures. MegaHouse’s Amazon above looks less roided out than in the official artwork. I think the end result is fairly well balanced. Orchid Seed has a sorceress on the way, and MegaHouse will also be making an elf figure. All the Dragon’s Crown stuff I’ve seen so far makes me very hopeful.

Alter’s Labrys gets a sculpt

Alter Labrys
Photo via Tomopop

Persona 4 Arena‘s Labrys has a great design and even better English voice acting. Boston class president is already getting a figure treatment from MegaHouse, but now Alter is giving the character a shot too. The rest of Alter’s lineup at WonFes isn’t terribly inspired. And truth be told, there’s nothing incredible about this Labrys. But I do like the character and design, and the level of detail lives up to the lofty expectations we place on Alter figures. The photo makes me think this will be in Alter’s usual 1/8-scale, though I’d love for it to be 1/6-scale to stand alongside that beautiful Shigenori Soejima Works Aigis that I have.

Union Creative has a wonderful, creepy cyborg… thing

Union Creative Calne Ca
Photo via Tomopop

Calne Ca is a cyborg character wearing the skin of Hatsune Miku. It’s probably the best use of the Miku design outside of Mikudayo, speaking objectively. This is the kind of insane, balls-to-the-walls figure design I love to see out of WonFes. I’m not sure what the chances are of this one getting a production run, but I would totally buy it. Calne Ca comes in two variants: one with the traditional Miku colors, and another one with a nurse outfit theme.

Medicom’s RAH line embraces Evangelion 3.0

Medicom RAH Evangelion
Photo via Tomopop

I’ve been wanting Evangelion 3.0 merch for so long, but all that was announced were some prize figures (small scale stuff) and a few Revoltechs (which I don’t want to buy). Then Medicom swoops in with their Real Action Heroes line, and these all look incredible. Sadly, they’re on the upper limit of my budget, meaning there’s pretty much no chance I’ll ever own them all unless I make some suspiciously generous friends. Asuka and Mari in the new plug suits look awesome, and I’m a big fan of Asuka in her jacket and cat hat. But look at Unit 02 and Unit 08! Shiny red Evas are totally my thing.

Sentinel impresses with Drifters figures

Sentinel Oda Nobunaga
Photo via Tomopop

Drifters is an alternate history manga set during the Sengoku period in Japan. Its claim to fame is being authored by Kouta Hirano, who is the mind behind Hellsing. You can see some of the Hellsing DNA in that Oda Nobunaga figure above. That’s the one I’m most intrigued in, and I would certainly pick him up if the price was reasonable. Figures these days are all about bishoujo and bishounen – I want one of a guy who looks like he’s about to tear things up. Sentinel also showed off a figure for Shingeki no Kyojin‘s Levi, but he looks markedly less dynamic than Oda.

Kotobukiya’s firing on all cylinders

Kotobukiya Dark Angel Olivia
Photo via Tomopop

Kotobukiya has been impressive as of late, both in the improving quality of their figures and in the sheer quantity they’ve released. They’ve had a strong showing for this WonFes, starting with the gorgeous Dark Angel Olivia figure from Rage of Bahamut (pictured above). It’s truly a sight to behold, with that wonderfully detailed sculpt and those wings. I have few angel/demon girls in my collection so I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one. The other points of interest for me are new figures for Hitari Senjougahara and Shinobu Oshino, both tying in to Nisemonogatari. Senjougahara looks deliciously devious with that wry smirk and handcuffs. Shinobu, though, is positively adorable – the happiest camper in the world with her box of donuts!

Max Factory wins the show

Max Factory Benten
Photo via Tomopop

As great as all these figures are, and as much as I enjoyed most of the stuff at the show, I have to say I lust most for Max Factory’s lineup. My only concern is that this stuff won’t be here for a long time, but damn do they make an impression. The photo above is for Benten, a (male, believe it or not) character from ZONE-00. Max Factory’s other figures were similarly lustworthy, or at the very least really damn cool. The prototype for Rage of Bahamut‘s Cerberus caught my eye and looks like something I’d pursue. Max’s Kamael figure has a coat of paint, and it looks stunning. Their other figures are worth a look too; I’d be more than happy owning any of the figures on display.

Yeah I was too lazy to look anywhere besides Tomopop for coverage. Special thanks to Kristina Pino for taking all the pictures for Tomopop!


  • Many people seem keen on MegaHouse's Amazon, but I think I prefer the look of their Elf instead. The Amazon looks a bit chunky for my tastes. Maybe my opinion will change after seeing the painted version. I was a bit surprised Orchid Seed didn't have a sculpt ready for their Sorceress figure. I agree that Alter's WonFes lineup was underwhelming. Labrys looks good, but not amazing. Sonico was a surprise and somewhat interesting, but again nothing jaw-dropping. They really didn't unveil many new sculpts for that matter. Koto's Dark Angel is probably my favorite reveal of the show. I'm a sucker for fantasy themes, girls with swords, and exotic traits (angel/demon/robot, dark skin, etc.) and Olivia has all of those boxes checked. The Monogatari girls didn't particularly do anything for me, but I'll be keeping any eye on how their new Ryougi Shiki figure develops. Hah. Benten. I almost feel like Max Factory is trolling us a bit by making their best sculpt of the show a trap. They did have a pretty strong showing with some very nice sculpts and a good number of scales given how focused they've been on their figma line in recent years.
    • I was a bit surprised Orchid Seed didn’t have a sculpt ready for their Sorceress figure.
      Well it IS Orchid Seed. When have they ever shown up with a product in a timely fashion?
      Koto’s Dark Angel is probably my favorite reveal of the show. I’m a sucker for fantasy themes, girls with swords, and exotic traits (angel/demon/robot, dark skin, etc.) and Olivia has all of those boxes checked.
      Agreed! I love all those things and Olivia combines them into one convenient package. Rage of Bahamut has some seriously cool character designs.
      I almost feel like Max Factory is trolling us a bit by making their best sculpt of the show a trap.
      It really is an incredible sculpt and I'll probably go for it. The Max Factory figure I'm most likely to end up owning is the Kamael, though. I've been buying up Lineage figures left and right.
  • Madison
    I like calne ca the most ^.^
    • She (it?) is awesome! You have good taste.
  • Zaiaku
    I don't really have any favorites, but there was a lot of stuff I just like... Mostly from GSC.
    • Yeah GSC's display was pretty sweet. Lots of Shingeki no Kyojin stuff, plus their affiliates had really nice figures too.